Roger Smith

He’s killed more me than he can remember but can he save a child?

Ishmael Toffee's knife put him behind bars and kept him there for twenty years as a prison gang assassin until he lost his taste for blood. Paroled, he finds himself with no money and no family. And no knife in his hand.

He gets a job as a gardener at the luxurious home of a prominent lawyer and makes an unexpected friend—Cindy, the lawyer’s six-year-old daughter. When Ishmael discovers that Cindy is being raped by her father he must choose: abandon the girl and walk away, or do what he does best . . .

Praise for Ishmael Toffee

"Roger Smith is unquestionably one of the most bold, powerful authors currently writing fiction. Period. A hard-hitting, gut punch of a novella." Book Reviews by Elizabeth A. White

"A hugely intense but ultimately redemptive novella. Roger Smith is one of my favorite writers working in crime today." Spinetingler Magazine

"Smith injects as much gut-wrenching emotion and as much action into the short form as he does his novels. I've never read anything by him that didn't steal my breath and this story is no exception." The Drowning Machine

"If you're looking for hardcore, gazing-into-the-abyss literature, Smith's the man you want to read." Dead End Follies

"One secret to good noir is keeping the beauty and the dread in perfect tension so the reader is attracted and repelled at the same time. Smith does it." Detectives Beyond Borders

"Gripping and disturbing. Another great story from Roger Smith. The bonus short story, Falling, is also a fascinating, dark read."

"Another superb piece of writing from an author who is fast establishing himself as one of the best around. I can’t recommend it highly enough." The Gamblers Blog

"It will blow you the fuck away." Jedidiah Ayres author of Peckerwood.

An e-original novella. Bonus content: Falling, a previously unpublished short story.